Wednesday, January 18, 2017

UK: Amazon worker sacked after putting anti-Semitic note in a parcel to a Jewish mother

Via Daily Mail:

An Amazon employee has been sacked for leaving a note for a Jewish customer which read: 'Greetings from Uncle Adolf'.

The worker left the anti-Semitic note inside a parcel which contained a toy that the woman had ordered for her niece.

It is believed the culprit knew the woman was Jewish because of her surname. 

The employee has now been sacked and police are investigating the incident as a hate crime.

The woman, who is in her 30s but did not want to be named, said she was so upset by what happened that she had to take two days off work.

Her outraged friend Liran Meydat, from north London, has now spoken out about the incident, claiming Amazon failed to take it seriously until he shamed the company on social media.

The 39-year-old said his friend 'freaked out' when she discovered the note.

'When she told us about the note she was shaking - she's a very gentle and humble lady,' Mr Meydat said.

'She does a lot for charity - both Jewish and non-Jewish - and helps all members of the community, that's why she took it very badly.

'British Jews feel scared to speak out. I'm an Israeli and have lived here for a few years so I don't feel scared.

'When I heard what had happened it made me think about my grandfather who showed me the number on his arms from the Nazi camp in German-occupied Poland. He lost all his family there.'

Mr Meydat said the note was found within the Amazon packaging but not within the product.

He added: 'I believe the UK is one of the best countries world-wide for Jews. This country has done more for Jews in the two world wars [than anyone else].

'We have a historical debt to the UK, I don't think it's an anti-Semitic country. I know it's only a small minority who think like that.'

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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

France: Funding to NGOs involved in boycott campaigns and with alleged ties to terror groups

On social media there was anger at the money being spent on the conference while so many French people live in poverty and are homeless, a staggering 6 million are unemployed, and support for the National Front continues to rise.

As the NGO reports points out officially boycotts are illegal under French law, but unofficially they are encouraged.

Via NGO Monitor:
An international peace summit, spearheaded by the French government (was) held on January 15, 2017, in Paris. In this report, NGO Monitor documents French government support of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that support discriminatory BDS (boycott, divestment, and sanctions) campaigns against Israel and with alleged ties to terror groups. This type of financial support casts doubts on the ability of France to serve as an impartial host of a summit dedicated to peace.

Executive Summary

  • The French government funds numerous French, Israeli, and Palestinian organizations that support and promote BDS (boycott, divestment, and sanctions) campaigns against Israel, despite the fact that such boycotts are illegal under French law.
  • The Platform of French NGOs for Palestine (The Platform) is one such grantee. One of the Platform’s government-funded projects is explicitly geared towards influencing elected officials, media, and public opinion regarding the conflict – an obvious abuse of taxpayer money. The Platform supports boycott campaigns targeting Israel and partners with organizations instrumental in BDS efforts.
  • France directly and indirectly funds several other NGOs with alleged ties to the PFLP terror group.

Detailed Analysis:

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Sweden: Malmö woman still suffers from antisemitic vandalism attacks

For the past few years, a Jewish woman in Malmö has been targeted by a hate campaign (see here and here).  Her front door is repeatedly vandalized.  She files complaints with the police, but they take no action whatsoever.

The latest attack was a couple of weeks ago, when her door was vandalized with a swastika and Star of David.

Lithuania: Actress on game show makes Hitler salute to describe Jewish composer

Via Times of Israel:
Lithuania’s public television apologized Wednesday for a live show in which a popular actress made gestures to represent Adolf Hitler’s moustache while raising her arm in a Nazi-style salute.

Virginija Buneviciute, a spokeswoman for Lithuanian National Radio and Television LRT, told The Associated Press the contract with the production company behind the popular “Guess the Melody” show was immediately terminated.

During Friday’s contest, which actress Asta Baukute was about to win, she jumped off her seat when recognizing a melody by a Lithuanian composer of Jewish heritage. She then made the gestures and yelled “Jew, Jew, Jew” in Lithuanian.

Hours after the show was aired, LRT’s deputy manager Rimvydas Paleckis said on the channel’s Facebook page he was shocked, adding “this is in no way compatible with our values.”

“The show is closed,” he added.

Buneviciute said in an email: “As a public broadcaster, we stick to the policy of non-censorship, yet I can hardly imagine a situation (in which) she would be invited to one of our programs now.”

Local media said Baukute, a former lawmaker with a populist party in Lithuania, later apologized and said she didn’t want to hurt anyone. She was not immediately available for comments.

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Sweden: YouTube star pays people to hold up "Death to all Jews" sign

Via IB Times:
YouTube's biggest star has caused fresh controversy after encouraging a couple of performers to dance while displaying a banner calling for "DEATH TO ALL JEWS".

PewDiePie, who has more than 52 million subscribers, posted the video on his popular YouTube channel on Wednesday (11 January).

It saw the Swedish web-based comedian, real name Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, pay for two scantily clad performers to engage in a short dance routine featuring a struggle over a rolled scroll that they then unfurl to reveal the hateful message.

PewDiePie, 27, who reportedly made more than $15m last year, had paid the duo to perform the controversial stunt using the website Fiverr, which allows people to sell any service for five dollars.

The performers, who call themselves "funnyguys", advertise that they will paint any message on their body in exchange for money while dancing in the jungle.

While many choose their own name or a funny message, PewDiePie jokingly asked the pair to display: "DEATH TO ALL JEWS".

He published the resulting clip, showing them dancing and laughing while holding the antisemitic message above their heads, on his YouTube channel.

While some fans found the clip funny, others said the star had gone too far.
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Slovakia: Lawmaker probed for opposing national honors for Jews

Via JTA:
The speaker of Slovakia’s parliament initiated a criminal probe for alleged hate speech against a lawmaker who criticized the conferring of a national honor on Jewish laureates due to their ethnicity.

Andrej Danko, the speaker of the National Council of the Slovak Republic, on Thursday said he would subject the far-right lawmaker Stanislav Mizik to disciplinary action in addition to the probe over his posting on Jan. 10 on Facebook of a text slamming the initiation into the Ľudovit Stur Order of three Jewish recipients out of 20 this year, the news website Dennik N reported.

The honor bestowed on Jewish recipients by Slovak President Andrej Kiska “turns logic on its head,” Mizik, a member of Slovakia’s Kotleba – People’s Party Our Slovakia, wrote on Facebook, because the founders of the Slovak nation “had a negative relationship to the Jews due to their selling out of the Slovak nation, usury and also because of religious issues,” Mizík wrote.

The honoring of Ivan Kamenec, a respected scholar on the Holocaust in Slovakia, Mizik wrote, was inappropriate because Kamenec is “a Communist Party candidate who has often worked as an undercover agent” for the communist-era secret police and a “Marxist, who himself admitted in an interview that he is a Jew.”

Juraj Herz, a Jewish film director, was also ineligible for the award due to his origins as was Eva Mosnakova, a Holocaust survivor who lectures at schools about her survival, Mizik wrote.

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French Funding to NGOs Involved in Boycott Campaigns and with Alleged Ties to Terror Groups

Via NGO Monitor:
An international peace summit, spearheaded by the French government, will be held on January 15, 2017, in Paris. In this report, NGO Monitor documents French government support of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that support discriminatory BDS (boycott, divestment, and sanctions) campaigns against Israel and with alleged ties to terror groups. This type of financial support casts doubts on the ability of France to serve as an impartial host of a summit dedicated to peace.

Executive Summary

  •     The French government funds numerous French, Israeli, and Palestinian organizations that support and promote BDS (boycott, divestment, and sanctions) campaigns against Israel, despite the fact that such boycotts are illegal under French law.
  •     The Platform of French NGOs for Palestine (The Platform) is one such grantee. One of the Platform’s government-funded projects is explicitly geared towards influencing elected officials, media, and public opinion regarding the conflict – an obvious abuse of taxpayer money. The Platform supports boycott campaigns targeting Israel and partners with organizations instrumental in BDS efforts.
  •     France directly and indirectly funds several other NGOs with alleged ties to the PFLP terror group.
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Monday, January 16, 2017

Belgium: Newspaper fires columnist About Jahjah over praise of driver who killed Israeli soldiers

Abou Jahjah
As reported, Belgian anti-racism activist and much respected columnist with the prestigious daily De Standaard, Abou Jahjah, incited for more terrorist attacks against Israeli soldiers in 'occupied Jerusalem'.  
The situation became so embarrassing for De Standaard that they sacked him - but cleverly De Standaard did not give the whole picture and only indicated that they severed links with Abou Jahjah because of his latest tweet glorifying the slaying of Jews: “Debate has borders and for us the border lies short of support of violence of any kind”, ignoring all the previous calls for violence made by him, such as "the suitcase or the coffin" ("la valise ou le cercueil") as the only choice for Jews in Israel.

Since the decision, not a single Belgian newspaper did criticise the De Standaard for its three-year cooperation with an antisemite, which is understandable because most approved of him.  Some came out in support of About Jahjah (more later).  One of the more outspoken admirers of Jahjah is Alexis Deswaef,  president of Belgian Human Rights League, Belgium's leading anti-racist organization, who wrote to this blog defending and praising Abou Jahjah.

Only the Libre Belgique told its readers that Jahjah had called Belgium a "shit-hole", but not that he had accused the mayor of Antwerp Bart De Wever of being "a Zionist c***sucker".

In the meantime more news came out about terrorism in Belgium and the Daily Mail referred to Brussels as the "jihadi capital of Europe".  One wonders.

The JTA reported the story:  
A Belgian daily newspaper fired one of its columnists following his praise for the slaying of four Israeli soldiers in Jerusalem. 
De Standaard, a left-leaning Flemish-language daily, said Monday that it would no longer feature columns by Dyab Abou Jahjah, a Lebanon-born activist from Belgium who has called for violent attacks on Jewish Israelis. 
A day earlier, Belgian Jews took to Twitter to condemn Abou Jahjah’s remarks, which included: “By any means necessary, #freepalestine,” following an attack in which a Palestinian terrorist plowed a truck through a crowd of soldiers visiting a popular tourist spot. The driver, who was shot dead, reportedly was a supporter of the Islamic State terror group. 
He also wrote on Facebook that the attack was “not terrorism but resistance.” Abou Jahjah, a Hezbollah supporter who has accused Israel of genocide, has written a weekly column for De Standaard for the past three years. 
“Debate has borders and for us the border lies short of support of violence of any kind,” De Standaard wrote in an editorial announcing the dismissal. 
The Forum of Jewish Organizations of Flemish Jews said in a statement Monday that it was “shocked” by Abou Jahjah’s remarks and called on “certain media offering him a platform” to stop publishing his writings. 
In 2015, Abou Jahjah called Antwerp’s mayor “a Zionist c***sucker” on Twitter. He founded a Muslim European group that published on its website a picture of Anne Frank in bed with Adolf Hitler as well as a caricature suggesting that Jews invented the Holocaust. 
The Jewish Chronicle of London has described Abou Jahjah, who famously posed for a picture while holding an AK-47 assault rifle in his native Lebanon, as a former Hezbollah combatant. 
After the 9/11 attacks of 2001 in New York, Abou Jahjah spoke of his “feeling of victory.” He has called Antwerp, which has a large community of Orthodox Jews, the “international capital of the Zionist lobby,” according to NRC. 
In an interview published last year in the Dutch daily Volkskrant, Abou Jahjah defended his claim that the Israeli flag is comparable to that of Nazi Germany “because both countries practiced ethnic cleansing.” He rejected claims that the statement and others by him were anti-Semitic.

French Ambassadors declare war on Israel

Note: On 19 February 2016, Le Figaro published an opinion by Francis Gutmann, a former ambassador, and a member of the 'Club des vingt' arguing that France should engage in "active neutrality" with Israel and Palestine and that peace will not be achieved if France tilts towards Israel as it has been doing for ten years (according to them Sarkozy and Hollande...).  Members of the 'Club des vingt' include Roland Dumas (who thinks former PM Manuel Valls is under the influence of his Jewish wife), Hervé de Charette, Hubert Védrine, Henry Laurens and Rony Brauman, all known for their anti-Israel and pro-Arab positions. 

Via the Gatestone Institute (by Yves Mamou):
- For our ambassadors, terrorism does not exist in "Palestine". They just whisper Quixotically about "the need for security" for Israel.
- The obvious conclusion is that they are just trying to hide their own detestation of Israel behind the Arab one.
- The problem is not Jewish "settlers" in "Palestine". Before 1967, there were no settlements, then what was the Palestine Liberation Organization "liberating" when it was created in Cairo in 1964? The answer, as the PLO was the first to admit, was "Palestine" -- meaning the entire state of Israel, regarded by many Arabs as just one big settlement. Just look any Palestinian map.
- The problem is that these ambassadors are not as dangerous to Israel as they are to Europe and the free world, as they keep on succumbing to the demands of Islam.  
Do not forget these names: Yves Aubin de La Messuzière; Denis Bauchard; Philippe Coste; Bertrand Dufourcq; Christian Graeff; Pierre Hunt; Patrick Leclercq; Stanislas de Laboulaye; Jean-Louis Lucet; Gabriel Robin; Jacques-Alain de Sédouy and Alfred Siefer-Gaillardin.  
These men are retired French ambassadors. They are apparently well educated, very polite and aristocratic people and they regularly publish op-eds in Le Monde. However, they publish in Le Monde only to threaten Israel.  
Their most recent op-ed in Le Monde on January 9, 2017, was to explain how an international conference on the Middle East, the one which scheduled for January 15 in Paris, would be beneficial for the "security" of Israel. Their text is a discouraging enumeration of traditional clichés of France's hypocritical diplomacy.  
Example: "For the Palestinians, nothing is worse than the absence of a state". In which way is it the worst? As Bret Stephens wrote this week in the Wall Street Journal:  
"Have they experienced greater violations to their culture than Tibetans? No: Beijing has conducted a systematic policy of repression for 67 years, whereas Palestinians are nothing if not vocal in mosques, universities and the media. Have they been persecuted more harshly than the Rohingya? Not even close."  
Stephens also noted that:  
"a telling figure came in a June 2015 poll conducted by the Palestinian Center for Public Opinion, which found that a majority of Arab residents in East Jerusalem would rather live as citizens with equal rights in Israel than in a Palestinian state. "  
The French ambassadors, however, do not explain. They just add: "The Proclamation of a Palestinian state will certainly not change anything on the ground," but they say that they hope this symbolic move will create "a new dynamic imposing new realities". Hmm. Now what could these "new realities" be in a Palestinian state in the middle of a war-torn Middle East?
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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Norway TV new joke about the extermination of Jews

In December 2016, Norwegian TV said they were sorry for spoofing Holocaust in satirical video showing college students touring concentration camp, asking if ovens were for making pizza - one month later here they go again...

Via Norway, Israel and the Jews:
The NRK (Norwegian TV) does not give up… after being lambasted in international media for poor taste and a disgusting attempt to make light of the Nazi extermination camps, they have another go. 
In yet another “entertainment” program, appropriately called black humor, they now want the Norwegian public to guess what details you have to send the IRS every year. 
Alternative A: a treasure trove? Alternative B: A treasure chamber? Alternative C: a tax return file? or, alternative D: extermination of Jews? 
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UK: Gas canisters, Nazi slogans hurled at 4 London Jews

Via Jerusalem Post:
Four haredi Orthodox Jews from London, including a mother and her 13 year-old son, were pelted with gas canisters by at least one man who yelled “Heil Hitler” at them from a moving car.

Police apprehended a suspect, 19-year-old Patrick Delaney, who admitted to participating in the attack last week in Tottenham in northern London, the London Economic reported Thursday. But charges were dropped against two individuals who were with Delaney in the car, including his brother.

Delaney acknowledged involvement in the attack, in which small canisters containing laughing gas were thrown at Cheya Stern, her son, her brother Simon Lemberger and a passerby, Abraham Law. According to reports, the men in the vehicle also shouted “Hitler is on the way to you, Heil Hitler, Heil Hitler, Heil Hitler,” according to The Jewish Chronicle.

Shulem Stern, from the Jewish defense group Shomrim, said: “They were just going about their daily life but they were scared about what would happen next. Jewish people have to face this anti-Semitism on a daily basis and visibly Jewish people are often targeted.”

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Germany: Attempt to firebomb shul not antisemitic, says court

Remember, Germany takes antisemitism seriously.   It's just those stupid Jews who are confusing between anti-Zionism and antisemitism.

Via Jewish Chronicle:
A regional court in Germany has upheld a previous ruling from a lower court that an attempt to burn down a synagogue was not antisemitic.

The local court in Wuppertal, in the province of North Rhine-Westphalia, ruled in 2015 that three German-Palestinian men who had tried to burn down the city’s shul with homemade Molotov cocktails had intended “to draw attention to the conflict between Gaza and Israel”. The attack took place in July 2014, during the Israel-Gaza conflict.

The police were alerted to the blaze by a neighbour of the synagogue; the fire was put out quickly, leaving the synagogue with a £750 repair bill.

The chairman of the Lower Court’s judiciary, Jörg Sturm, said at the time that although the attack on the synagogue had “high symbolic meaning” – the original synagogue in Wuppertal was burned down during Kristallnacht in 1938 – the three men in this instance had not acted "for antisemitic reasons per se".

The three men in question were given suspended prison sentences.

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Poll: 85% of Jews Worldwide Have Experienced or Seen Antisemitism

Via Algemeiner:
Eighty-five percent of Jews around the world have witnessed or experienced antisemitism at some point in their lives, according to a new survey by the World Zionist Organization’s International Center for Countering Anti-Semitism.

The poll also found that around 50 percent of respondents from Europe and North America said they had either witnessed or experienced antisemitism in the past year.

Of all respondents, 67 percent witnessed or experienced antisemitic incidents involving abusive language and insults and 20 percent said they had witnessed or experienced antisemitism in the form of threats. Thirteen percent said they had either experienced or witnessed antisemitic violence, of whom seventy-three percent did not report the incident to authorities.

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Sweden Democrats party expels politicians for 'Camp Auschwitz' flag

Via The Local:
Two Swedish politicians have been asked to leave the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats party after one loaded up a picture on Facebook of a man holding a flag saying “Camp Auschwitz”.
The anti-racist site Inte Racist, Men…(Not racist but…) on Friday reported the post by Monica Evertson, who along with her husband Peter, represents the populist party in Sävsjö, a small town in Småland.

The site reported that the man holding the sign had shared a campsite with the couple at the Kuggnäs Festival.

Henrik Vinge, the party’s head of press, told TT that the party intended to expel the couple.
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French Foreign Minister: Israeli-Palestinian conflict is core of Middle East violence

France has consistently blamed Israel for all Middle-East unrest.  This is just more of the same.

* France revitalizes the notion that Israel-Palestine conflict is at the core of instability in the Middle East
* France: Israel responsible for all Middle East unrest, says FM

It's an acceptable sentiment in Europe:

* Ireland: Fianna Fáil politician says Israel is the source of all the problems in the Middle East
* Norway/Denmark: Media blames Israel for Middle East crisis 
* Finland: Former president says youngsters radicalised in the Middle East partly because Palestinians have been treated badly
* Europe: Only the EU continues blindly to insist on the centrality of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Jean-Marc Ayrault @ Haaretz (h/t Presspectiva)
The Middle East peace process cannot wait, for two main reasons.

First and foremost, the situation is urgent. Many crises throughout the region, from Syria to Libya, from Yemen to Iraq, have generated new threats to its stability. Some say that because of these crises, priorities need to be established, and in the name of these supposed priorities, resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict should be put off until later.

This is not what I believe: the Israeli-Palestinian conflict cannot be considered separately from its regional environment. Thinking that the Middle East could restore its stability without settling its oldest conflict is unrealistic. This conflict, if not dealt with, will continue to fuel frustration and will ultimately only worsen the vicious cycle of radicalization and violence. It will continue to give budding terrorists excuses for enlisting. The heinous attack in Jerusalem last Sunday is an additional warning sign.
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