Monday, May 22, 2017

Austria: 'Leaked nudes of Anne Frank' joke by student organisation


“Leaked nude pictures of Anne Frank” mockery
Activists of the Austrian students’ organization Aktions Gemeinschaft (AG), which is affiliated with the Faculty of Law at the University of Vienna (Wien) and is closely and politically associated with the Austrian People's Party, spent their time spreading jokes about Jews and mocking the disabled in a closed Facebook group.  
In the latest edition of the Austrian news weekly "Falter", excerpts from chat conversations were published. The members of the Facebook group include staff members of the faculty, as well as candidates standing for the current elections of the Austrian Students’ Union (ÖH) Students
The representatives regularly chatted with each other in both a Whatsapp group and the aforementioned closed Facebook group which is called "Fakultätsvertretung Jus Männerkollektiv". In their chats, for example, shortly after the caption “leaked nude pictures of Anne Frank”, an illustration appears of a single rose emerging from a pile of ashes. 
Elsewhere in the chats, there is an illustration of a girl who is a member of the Hitler youth (Hitlerjugend) movement. She is holding a basket filled with swastika flags and rabbits in her hands along with the caption: “Wishing a happy Easter to all the men as well as all the chicks in this respectable group.” In addition, one may find in the comments a picture of a child with Down's Syndrome sitting in a tub with a pitchfork drawn on his arm as well as the inscription “Poseidown” and various illustrations of Hitler.
First and foremost, on visiting the group, one is struck by the many revealing photos of female students or of raves in which the assembled party appears to be largely drunk or intoxicated. 
Within the AG itself, those revelations were met with indignation: “It is absolutely outrageous that members of this organization have created a Facebook group in which posts containing such inhuman content are shared” said organization's spokesman Valentin Petritsch. 
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Europe: A 'more terror-threat conscious' EU Parliament condemns Palestinian terrorism against Israelis

The EU should stop funding NGOs which condone the use of terror against Israelis.

Via European Jewish Press:
A  pro-Israel advocacy group in Brussels welcomed the fact that in the text of the resolution on the Middle East Peace Process voted Thursday in the European Parliament "the issue of terrorist acts and Palestinian incitement to violence took precedence for the first time in an official parliamentarian position to the issue of settlements."
 In the resolution, which was the result of negotiations and a compromise between the five main political groups, the European Parliament condemned "all acts of violence, acts of terrorism against Israelis, and incitement to violence which are fundamentally incompatible with advancing a peaceful two-state solution."
The parliament noted that "all parties should act effectively against violence, terrorism, hate speech and incitement, as this is critical to rebuilding confidence and to avoiding escalation that will further undermine the prospects for peace." 
MEPs also called on the Palestinian Authority forces ''to fully and timely implement effective operations to counteract the militant group’s activitiers, such as firing rockets towards Israel and stressed the "imperative need to prevent the arming of terrorist groups and their smuggling of weapons, manufacturing of rockets and building of tunnels." 
For Europe Israel Public Affairs (EIPA), "this time there was a discernible move away from the standard Israel bashing position towards a more mediator conscious European Parliament role in the Israeli – Palestinian conflict." 
The advocacy group’s head of institutional Relations, Teodora Coptil  said in statement: "The move, following efforts of various pro-Israel advocacy groups among which EIPA, signals a more thorough understanding of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and is in line with the Quartet report." 
Coptil added that the line that "No EU funding can be directly or indirectly diverted to terrorist organisations or activities that incite these acts", marked a step forward in efforts to make the PA leadership accountable for hate speech and incitement in the future" which represents a fundamental plank of EIPA’s strategy.  
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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Greece: Leftist columnist denounces antisemitism survey and demonizes Israel (once again)

Via Against Antisemitism:

In an article published on the news site (May 10, 2017), entitled “In bloody ink”, journalist and cartoonist Stathis (Stavropoulos) denounces attempts to incriminate criticism against Israel that present it as anti-Semitism in order to annul such political criticism.  
The article is accompanied by a cartoon which pictures free opinion killed by Israel. The article and cartoon were Stathis response to the publication of a survey on Anti-Semitism in Greece which shows high rates of anti-Semitic feelings in Greece.

Hungary: A government campaign against George Soros splits Jews

Via JTA:
Occurring in a conservative society that is still struggling with the complicity of its wartime governments in the murder of nearly half a million Jews during the Holocaust, the campaign against a Jewish billionaire has prompted warnings that Orban’s crusade against Soros is anti-Semitic. Earlier this month Frans Timmermans, a senior EU official, suggested that the Hungarian government is channeling anti-Semitic sentiment to delegitimize a powerful critic of its nationalist policies.

That view, however, is not shared by the main leaders of Hungary’s 100,000-strong Jewish community. In interviews with JTA, its leaders rejected allegations that the government is using anti-Semitic dog whistles consciously. At the same time, they warned that the campaign against Soros may embolden anti-Semites regardless of the government’s intentions.

“Orban is not anti-Semitic. His government is not anti-Semitic,” said Rabbi Zoltan Radnoti, the chairman of the rabbinical council of the Mazsihisz Jewish umbrella group in Hungary. “I believe that Soros was selected as a target because he is a progressive billionaire regardless of the fact that he’s Jewish.”

Yet Orban failed to stop the anti-Soros campaign even after it appeared that the rhetoric “may have a possible anti-Semitic interpretation,” Radnoti added, saying the prime minister “should have known that this campaign of hatred and scapegoating would increase anti-Semitic feelings.”

Soros, an 86-year-old banking and investment magnate who survived the Holocaust in hiding in Budapest, is not particularly known for funding Jewish causes in Hungary — or anywhere else.


Upping the ante, Orban gave a speech last month at the European Parliament calling Soros a “financial speculator” who is now “attacking Hungary and who — despite ruining the lives of millions of European people with his financial speculations” is nonetheless “received by the EU’s top leaders.” The scathing rhetoric was followed by the appearance in Hungary of posters demonizing Soros, which are widely believed to be printed and distributed by nationalists with the government’s blessing.

And that’s a problem, according to Radnoti, because it risks awakening anti-Semitic sentiments that Radnoti believes Orban neither shares nor seeks to embolden.

“The problem is not that Soros was selected as a public enemy because he is Jewish,” Radnoti said. “The problem is that in a country like Hungary, which has a xenophobia and anti-Semitism problem, the government should have known better than to take someone who happens to be Jewish and make him a public enemy over his globalist politics. It’s not anti-Semitic, it’s just irresponsible.”

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UK: UKIP suspends candidate who justified Holocaust

Via Times of Israel:
The UK’s nationalist UKIP party has suspended a candidate for parliament after it emerged he wrote anti-Semitic remarks regularly on Twitter, including one that justified the Holocaust.

UKIP said it was investigating Paddy Singh’s actions, and “withdrawing support for his candidacy” in the June 8 general elections, according to the BBC.

The Campaign Against Antiseitism, a British watchdog, on Friday published its dossier on Paddy Singh, UKIP’s candidate for the Wiltshire North constituency in the elections.

The tweets were discovered on the Twitter account he operates for his travel agency, Hindoostan Tours, between 2014 and 2015, the group said, adding Singh admitted to writing them and apologized for publishing them.

One message read: “At times I ask myself were the Nazis right in herding the Jews into concentration camps.”

Another, from the summer of 2014, when Israel was fighting Hamas in Gaza, stated: “The Israelis are basically Nazis in mentality. The survivors of the tragic Holacast [sic] learnt from their captors.” A third read: “No hope of a ceasefire with the Nazi Jews like wild dogs on the rampage.”

Singh’s hateful tweets were not only directed against Jews. In one he called African and Chinese people “animals,” the BBC reported.

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ADL survey: Anti-Semitism down in France, UK, Germany

Via Times of Israel:

The prevalence of anti-Semitic sentiment has dropped in three European countries over surveys from 2014 and 2015, according to polls conducted this year by the Anti-Defamation League.

The ADL interviewed 500 people each in Germany, the United Kingdom and France by telephone, the organization said in a summary of the study it unveiled Thursday.

In the United Kingdom, 10 percent of respondents “harbor anti-Semitic attitudes,” the poll found, compared to 12 percent in 2015 and 8 percent in 2014.

In France, the figure was 14 percent compared to 17 percent in 2015 and 37 percent a year earlier.

In Germany, the figure dropped to 11 percent from 16 percent in 2015 and 27 percent in 2014.

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Germany: 6 charged for yelling anti-Semitic slurs on Munich bus

Via Times of Israel:
Six people have been charged with incitement to hate after spewing anti-Semitic abuse on passengers in a Munich city bus.

Only two passengers – a couple from Munich – attempted to intervene in the weekend incident.

According to news reports, the alleged perpetrators, all from Munich and Ebersberg and ranging in age from 18 to 33, shouted anti-Semitic insults at passengers on the bus, which reportedly was packed with some 40 passengers.

Police said that witnesses later reported the “most harmless” of the verbal abuse included “Juden raus!” – “get rid of the Jews.”

Most passengers reportedly did nothing. After one woman addressed the group and asked them to stop, they aimed their abuse at her. Police said that her boyfriend’s intervention prevented further escalation.

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Norway: Caricature equates circumcision with pedophilia

Via Ynet News:
Norway's fourth-largest newspaper has recently published a caricature depicting supporters of circumcision for Jews and Muslims as pedophiles. 
The offensive caricature appeared in The Dagbladet, the second largest tabloid in the country that has a circulation of approximately 75,000 copies a day.  The caricature depicts a man wearing a kippah (skullcap) and a bearded man standing next to him, both holding signs reading 'Yes to circumcision' and 'Religious freedom.' A third man, wearing a ratty coat, tells them: "I know what you mean. I, too, am told by an invisible man to fiddle with children's penises."

It's not the first time.  In 2013, Dagbladet carried this caricature: 

Europe: US lawmakers pass bill requiring greater oversight on European antisemitism

Via Algemeiner:
The US House of Representatives unanimously passed legislation requiring greater State Department reporting on European antisemitism. 
The bill, known as the Combating European Anti-Semitism Act of 2017, requires enhanced annual reporting to Congress on antisemitic incidents in Europe, the safety and security of European Jews, and efforts by the US to partner with European entities to combat antisemitism. 
“This bill would require the US government — and encourage our global partners — to continue to take a hard look at anti-Semitism in Europe, provide a thorough assessment of trends, and outline what the United States and our partners are doing to meet this challenge,” said a statement by the Bipartisan Taskforce for Combating Anti-Semitism, chaired by Reps. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.) and Nita Lowey (D-N.Y.). 
The bill will now head to the Senate and eventually President Donald Trump for approval.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Belgium: Antisemitic tags in Brussels

Via Viviane Teitelbaum Facebook account:

Viviane Teitelbaum is a Brussels MP and an alderwoman for Ixelles, one of the Brussels municipalities.  She wrote that the municipality is confronted with a spate of racist, antisemitic, homophobic and hate tags.

Belgium: Is Jewish life still possible in Belgium?

Via European Jewish Press (Yossi Lempkowicz):
The vote by the Parliament of Wallonia in Namur to ban religious slaughter of animals, thus shechitah, is a clear direct attack against the Jewish community, its way of life and above all against religious freedom which is enshrined in the EU fundamental rights. 
Of course, some will argue that the measure only affects the Orthodox Jewish community.... This is totally untrue. It affects all Jews, orthodox and secular together. It is a political attack against  all the 40,000 Jews living in Belgium. 
By voting such a legislation, Walloon legislators have shown a total insensivity towards the Jewish community which is very sensitive because of the past. Yes remember the Nazis also acted to ban the Jewish way of life… (...) 
Several months ago, Belgium’s Prime Minister Charles Michel declared that "Belgium without Jews is not Belgium." What does he do to protect the rights of this part oft he population  and make that Jews really feel at home in a political environment that is not hostile? A member of his own party co-initiated the hostile legislation... 
"It is truly sad that the Belgian Jewish community, which already lives in a constant state of emergency--with military personnel guarding its schools and synagogues following the rise of anti-Semitic attacks and the terror attack against the Brussels Jewish Museum--is now also facing unjust laws from the legislature," righty notes  Daniel Schwammenthal, Director of the AJC Transatlantic Institute. 
So now the real question is: "Are Jews still welcome in Belgium?" Or, "Should Jews still stay in Belgium or leave ?" 
Some have already decided and left the country. Others are thinking to do the same.  But the remaining Belgian Jews should stand up against this attack against our values and ask to be respected as Jews.

Jew asks Jeffrey Goldberg whether he should leave Belgium

600,000 Jews have left Europe in last 25 years

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Denmark set to grant 8.3 million dollars to radical Palestinian NGOs

Via European Jewish Press:
Denmark’s Foreign Minister Anders Samuelsen is set to announce a grant of  8.3 million dollars to a group that distributes funds to numerous anti-Israel organisations, according to Israeli watchdog NGO Monitor. The grant, to be announced during Samuelson’s visit in Ramallah, will go to the  Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law Secretariat (the Secretariat), a joint funding mechanism of the Danish, Dutch, Swedish, and Swiss governments, operating out of Bir Zeit University in the West Bank. (...) 
A large portion of the Secretariat's budget is distributed as core funding to radical Palestinian non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that incite violence and terrorism, are active in global BDS (boycott, divestment, and sanctions) campaigns against Israel and engage in legal warfare attempting to indict Israeli officials at the International Criminal Court (ICC). These organisations employ demonizing rhetoric, such as making spurious charges of Israeli "apartheid" and "war crimes."Among the groups receiving funds, were Al Haq, a legal organization that has spearheaded accusations of war crimes and crimes against humanity at the Israeli security forces, and Adameer, which was launched by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), a left-wing terrorist group within the PLO. (...)
NGO Monitor has presented its information to the Danish government in December in an appearance before the parliamentary foreign policy committee. 
The Danish Foreign Minister was in Israel on Wednesday. During a meeting with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, the latter told him that the true reason for the absence of a solution to the Israel-Palestinian conflict is incitement. Netanyahu asked that Denmark halt assistance to Palestinian Arab organizations that support BDS activity.
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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

France: Catholic journalist compares Israel to ISIS

Via Honest Reporting:

La Croix is the most influential Catholic newspaper in France.  As Honest Reporting stresses its editorial line is hostile to Israel and pro-Palestinian.

La Croix published yesterday an articled penned by Mélinée Le Priol, who used to cover the Palestinian territories for La Croix and is now based in France.  The piece is obviously hostile to Israel as the title indicates: "The Catholic Church refuses to consider the Israel-Palestine situation as normal".  

Mélinée Le Priol's chose the image below to feature on her Facebook profile. There is no doubt as on which side her sympathies lie.

The image equates the terrible attacks perpetrated by ISIS in Paris on November 13, 2015 with what Palestinians are alleged to endure at the hands of Israel 24 hours a day and 7 days a week (24/7).

La Croix management were contacted for an explanation. Mélinée Le Priol expressed regrets for having posted the image.

But the real question is the following: is a person who has expressed such views qualified to cover the current events affecting the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?


La Croix used to be one of the most antisemitic newspapers in Europe - proudly boasting that it was "the most antisemitism paper in France"

This is the type of slanders against Jews it was keen to publish "... extracts published in the French Catholic newspaper La Croix, (Father Léon) Dehon wrote that Jews were "thirsty for Gold" and that "lust for money is a racial instinct in them"; he called the Talmud "a manual for the bandit, the corrupter, the social destroyer"; and he recommended several measures later adopted by the Nazis, including that Jews wear special markings, live in ghettos and be excluded from land ownership, judgeships and teaching positions."

Sweden puts Israel's MFA and ambassador on social media blacklist (update)

The only ambassador 'mistakenly' blocked by Sweden and accused of engaging in "baiting, threats, hatred and incitement against immigrants, women and LGBTQ-persons, but also against organizations that are committed to human rights"?  

Update via The Jewish Chronicle:

Isaac Bachman
A Swedish government agency has apologised for blocking Israel’s ambassador to Stockholm on Twitter, after wrongly flagging the account as having engaged in hate speech. 
The Swedish Institute published an apology for blocking Isaac Bachman and thousands of other Twitter users, on its website on Tuesday. 
By blocking the accounts of some 14,000 users on Twitter the Swedish Institute prohibited people from mentioning its user name @Sweden and reading its Twitter feed. 
The institute confirmed all the blocks had been removed from all accounts that had been suspended. The statement on its website read: “The Swedish Institute apologises to those who have been blocked mistakenly.”
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Via The Jerusalem Post:
Sweden has blocked the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Israel's Ambassador to Sweden Isaac Bachman on social media, placing the government office and the envoy on a list naming the entities blocked on Twitter by the state for disseminating hate speech online.  
The full list of users who are allegedly engaged or could potentially engage in online slander was composed by the Swedish public agency The Swedish Institute, which operates under the authority of the Swedish Foreign Office. 
Among the individuals on the list are parliamentarians from different parties in Sweden as well as journalists and public figures, according to Swedish online newspaper Nyheter Idag.  
The Swedish Institute provided an explanation on its official website, saying that: "Approximately 12,000 international Swedish accounts that engage in baiting, threats, hatred and incitement against immigrants, women and LGBTQ-persons, but also against organizations that are committed to human rights [have been blocked]." 
"These accounts often have a right-wing extremist and/or a neo-Nazi tendency, and they also incite to violence," the Swedish Institute added.  (...) 
Isaac Bachman, Israel's Ambassador to Sweden, responded to the ban on Tuesday, and took to Twitter to express his dismay over his inclusion in the list. "Now, that #Israel's MFA and ambassador are blocked- #Sweden is much safer in reading Iran and others, that were not blocked," the ambassador wrote in a jab aimed at the Swedish Institute. 
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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Hungary demands resignation of EU Commissioner for calling Prime Minister Orban an antisemite

Interesting that EU Commissioner Timmermans is so critical of Hungary, when the European institutions welcome terrorist Leila Khaled.  Via Against Antisemitism:
Papadimoulis with Khaled on February 10, 2016   Khaled poses in scarf with the PFLP logo: Inside a red circle, a black arrow points from a white semi-circle to a map of Israel and the territories. Below the arrow, on the right side, is a green dot. The arrow symbolizes the return of Palestinian refugees. Red symbolizes the group’s Marxist-Leninist heritage. Description via
Palestinian terrorist Leila Khaled met with Dimitris Papadimoulis, Syriza MEP and Vice-President of the European Parliament, in its headquarters in Brussels on February 10, 2016. Leila Khaled was accompanied by a PFLP delegation. Syriza, a left-wing party that despite its past support for the Palestinians has sought to strengthen ties with the Jewish state, has called Khaled in a statement issued after the meeting an “activist with a historical role in the Palestinian Resistance.” read more.
Hungary on Friday demanded the resignation of the Senior Vice President of the  European Commission Frans Timmermans after the latter called Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban an antisemite for his attacks on the Jewish philanthropist George Soros. 
Hungary’s Foreign Minister Péter Szijjarto called the remarks by Timmermans in an interview with the German weekly Die Zeit “unfair and unacceptable”, noting that Hungary had “a policy of zero tolerance towards antisemitism.” 
Timmermans was referring in particular to the government’s decision to force the closure of the Central European University in Budapest, which is funded by Soros. 
Orban has called Soros "an American financial speculator attacking Hungary”. 
Asked by Die Zeit about the decision, Timmermans noted “clearly antisemitic accents”.