Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Poland: "We don’t want to kill them, we just don’t want them to have a big influence on the country"

Via The Star:
Instead, blatantly anti-migrant, anti-Muslim and anti-Semitic marches have become regular phenomena throughout the country. Many are organized by the National Radical Camp — a party outlawed in 1934 for promoting hatred.

They often resemble military brigades, featuring marching men wearing armbands and waving Polish flags. Their slogan is “Poles for Poland.” One march last year included the burning of an effigy of a Hasidic Jew, and at another last April marchers burned a photo of the town’s mayor wearing a Jewish skull cap. (A march guard commander with the National Radical Camp, Szymon Mailian, says the person who burned both was not a party member. But he would not condemn the act. Asked if his group is anti-Semitic, he responded: “We are not Nazis. We don’t want eugenics. We don’t want to kill them. We just don’t want them to have a big influence on the country.”)

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UK: ‘Anti-Semitic, Racist’ Leaflets Distributed Outside Momentum Event

Via Huffington Post:
Leaflets distributed outside a meeting on religious hatred by the left-wing pressure group Momentum are “anti-Semitic and undeniably racist”, a Labour MP has said.

Wes Streeting, co-chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group of British Jews, has criticised the literature which called for the Jewish Labour Movement (JLM) to be disbanded.

The leaflets claimed that the JLM acted as “a representative of a foreign power, Israel” and called for it to be disaffiliated from the Labour party. They were issued by the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network and handed out to attendees at an alternative Labour conference by Momentum, running in tandem to the main event.

The leaflets also asked “why is there so much emphasis on anti-Semitism, rather than other much more prevalent forms of racism?” and suggested the issue was being “exploited for factional goals”.
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Ukraine: Man who participated in anti-Roma pogrom explains Jews deserved it too

Via Times of Israel:
When asked to compare Gypsy pogroms in today’s Ukraine to the Jewish pogroms that took place here 100 years ago, a 39-year old Loshchynivka resident who participated in the pogrom (he did not give his name because he feared for his safety), said that the pogroms against Jews and Gypsies “have a lot of similarities,” because “the problems were the same.”

According to him, that’s because the victims of the pogroms were not honest people.

“The reason for the pogroms was not ethnic but economic,” he alleged. “A person can’t live without working. It means that he is a thief.”
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France: Car of Jewish family vandalized with antisemitic, pro-Palestinian message

Via Le Monde Juif:

Dozens of cars in the Paris suburbs of Cachan were vandalized.  One car belonging to a Jewish family was hit really hard and left with the message "dirty Jew, free Palestine".

UK: Lib Dems says it's not racist to claim 'Jewish power' controls Labour

In short: the Lib Dems believe Jews and Israel control British politics, so they can't see what's wrong with saying so.

Via Jewish News:
By sharing an article about “Jewish power” in British politics, former Lib Dem peer Baroness Jenny Tonge was not being racist, according to the Liberal Democrats.

The ruling, from the party’s Regional Parties Committee, follows a complaint from Gary Spedding, a liberal activist in Northern Ireland, who took issue with Tonge sharing an article by Israeli musician Gilad Atzmon.

Tonge, who is a strong critic of Israel, is no longer a Lib Dem peer and sits in the House of Lords as a cross-bencher. While she remains a member of the party, she does not speak for it in an official capacity.

Relaying the decision, a Lib Dem spokeswoman says: “Having reviewed your complaint, our view is that an opinion can be controversial – and even offensive – but still fall short of being racist.”
She explained: “We are a liberal party that places immense value on freedom of speech… That includes the freedom to criticise in the strongest terms the actions of states and governments and the causal effects of their policies… Any desire not to offend also needs to be balanced against the right to criticise in the strongest terms the actions of states and governments.
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France: Archaelogy - historian slams Israel on France Culture radio

Véronique Chemla reported on her blog that during a programme, Concordances des temps on the subject of "the destruction of the memory of the other as a weapon of war", aired on France Culture on September 10, Israel was yet again slammed.  

The host Jean-Noël Jeanneney discussed with Maurice Sartre, a professor of ancient history at the University of Tours, the destruction of Palmyra by Daech.

Professor Maurice Sartre claimed, without citing a single example, that Israelis destroy the "Palestinian homes in the occupied West Bank" to connvey the idea that there was no Palestinian presence in the West Bank, or that if there was one it only very marginal.   

Maurice Sartre further added that the State of Israel does not respect the Convention of The Hague of 1954. Archaological searches are carried out by Israeli teams on the "occupied" West Bank and in the "occupied" Syrian Golan - the latter for the last 30 to 40 years.  

He explained that a book published in Israel on the subject had elicited smiles from many archaeologists and historians.  It presented all ancient unidentified buildings in the villages as synagogues. The purpose was to show that in Antiquity the Golan was inhabited by Jews. Professor Sartre acknowled that this is partially true and that there were large Jewish communities in the Golan.  But the way things are presented is a political maneouvre to appropriate historically a territory which has been the object of conflicts between two countries at war for close to 70 years. 

Jean-Noël Jeanneney did not dispute this. 

Véronique Chemla points out that neither historian mentioned the destruction of Jewish archaeological remains by the Palestinian Authority, including the WAQF on the Mount Temple, nor the influence of Nazism on archaeological research in Germany and France nor the role of archaeology in scientific French diplomacy.

read the whole piece in French on Véronique Chemla's blog 

This gives a pretty good idea of how Israel is presented by academics in France.

Monday, September 26, 2016

EU court asked to drop Hamas from terror list

From the American Thinker:
Young enrollee at Hamas
summer camp
An adviser to the European Union's top court says Hamas and the Tamil Tigers should be dropped from the EU's list of terrorist organizations.

The reason?  It's not because the adviser thinks Hamas is no longer conducting terror attacks against Israel.  It's because the adviser says the procedure for placing the terror groups on the list in the first place wasn't followed.  
Wall Street Journal: 

 [...]  In 2014, the EU’s second-highest court ordered both Hamas and the Tamil Tigers to be struck off the bloc’s terror list in two separate decisions.
It said at the time that Hamas’s listing wasn’t based on evidence that had been properly examined and confirmed by national authorities, but on “factual imputations derived from the press and the internet.”
The European Council, which represents EU governments in the bloc’s lawmaking process, had appealed that judgment, arguing that it was relying on a 2001 decision by the U.K. that designated both Hamas and the Tamil Tigers as terrorist groups, as well as the terror listing for both groups in the U.S.
Thursday’s opinion rejects that argument, following similar reasoning as the 2014 decision. “The council cannot rely on facts and evidence found in press articles and information from the internet,” Advocate General Eleanor Sharpston said. [...]
Did the court think to ask EU member intelligence agencies for their opinion?  It wouldn't be evidence from "newspapers" or "the internet."  The evidence would be based on cold, hard facts.
But even that isn't necessary.  It may be a novel approach, but maybe they should ask Hamas about annihilating the Jews.  Or perhaps ask Hamas why they celebrate the spate of knife attacks on Israeli citizens attacks they encourage.

But to the bureaucrats in Brussels, all the paperwork has to be in order, all the is dotted and ts crossed while the truth be damned.

The danger is, if Hamas is taken off the terror list, a flood of money will flow into its coffers.  It will be earmarked for "economic development" but will somehow magically end up funding terrorist attacks.  A child is aware of this probability, but that doesn't appear to matter to the fools who are playing with fire by legitimizing Hamas.
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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Germany: Munich cancels BDS event due to antisemitism

Via Jerusalem Post:
Munich’s cultural affairs department pulled the plug on an anti- Israel lecture slated for Friday in a city-subsidized building, because the talk would have crossed the line into antisemitism.

Stefan Hauf, a spokesman for the mayor, told The Jerusalem Post on Thursday that the city’s cultural commissioner intervened to stop the lecture on “Antisemitism Today” organized by the Salam Shalom Working Circle Palestine-Israel association.

Munich’s cultural commissioner, Hans- Georg Küppers, said in a letter to Eine-Welt- Haus – where the lecture was to be held – that it was probable that “during the event the line between criticism of Israel and antisemitism will be crossed,” the Merkur news outlet reported.

Salam Shalom – a hardcore anti-Israel group – promotes the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions campaign on its website targeting the Jewish state. ”Salam Shalom has no right to be in city rooms. Salam Shalom would be better located in the NPD headquarters,” Green Party city councilman Dominik Krause told the Merkur.

The NPD is the man neo-Nazi party in Germany.

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France: Antisemitic graffiti on kosher butcher shop

Via Europe-Israel, CFCA: Antisemitic graffit on kosher butcher shop in Paris: "Juden" (Jews) and swastika.

Russia: Sole liberal opposition MP accused of Jewish-Ukraininan conspiracy

Via VOA News:
Days before an election expected to extend Kremlin dominance over Russia's parliament, the sole liberal opposition member, Dmitry Gudkov, is waging what he fears is a losing battle for political survival.

His re-election campaign ran out of money this week, he cannot get TV air time, his meetings are disrupted by people shouting him down, and a fake newspaper handed out to voters has cast him as a U.S. stooge involved in a shadowy Jewish-Ukrainian conspiracy to seize power.

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UK: "People who didn't know that I could understand them sometimes said very harsh things against Jews"

An interview with a Jewish Polish-Russian family who recently made Aliyah to Israel.  The family had lived in the UK for a few years, when their son decided he's moving to Israel. 

The mother says: "This reminded us that there had also been various unpleasant incidents in London.  When we walked in the park, seven thugs threw Avraham's hat off and laughed, for example. There was antisemitism. I know Polish and Russian and people who didn't know that I could understand them sometimes said very harsh things against Jews.  And there was once a march of 70,000 people who wanted London free of Jews."

Norway: Theater boycott video like "the sick brainchild of Goebbels’ propaganda" and collaborators Quisling and Hamson

What you will probably never see is a video by a Norwegian artist condemning Palestinian violence against Israelis. 

From the Times of Israel:
Israeli diplomats on Saturday fumed over a video posing as an official statement by the Norwegian National Theater, that calls for a cultural boycott of Israel’s National Theater, Habima. 

The short clip, which was uploaded to YouTube Thursday after being aired at the biennial International Ibsen Festival in Oslo, shows an actress posing as the national theater’s spokeswoman. In it she calls for a boycott of Habima. 

The actress in the film, Pia Maria Roll, says the theater would like to “publicly apologize for our shameful collaboration with Habima, the national theater of Israel,” adding that the cooperation served in “normalizing the Israeli occupation.” She called Israel a state “based on ethnic cleansing, racism, occupation and apartheid,” and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict “colonial” — “it’s not some passionate feud between the Montagues and Capulets.”

The film said the theater would join the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement (BDS), and concluded with “Free Palestine and long live the national theater of Norway.”

Norwegian news site Vartoland said Roll and fellow actor Marius von der Fehr were behind the film, which expressed their opinion. Roll said their intention was to trick people into thinking the statement was made by the theater.

Norway’s National Theater said in a statement on its website that the film didn’t represent the institution’s policies and that it believes in cooperation with various nations abroad. It stopped short of condemning the video, calling it an expression of free speech.

Habima’s director said the film was made “behind the back of the administration” and that the national theater “guaranteed us that they would send a letter of clarification to me that [the message] broadcast in the film is not the stance of the theater.”
Israel’s Foreign Ministry, however, said the video was reminiscent of “the sick brainchild of [Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph] Goebbels’ propaganda, the Nazi filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl, and the Norwegian collaborators [Vidkun] Quisling and [Knut] Hamson.”

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Germany: City of Munich cancels BDS event due to antisemitism

From the Jerusalem Post (Benjamin Weinthal):
Munich’s cultural affairs department pulled the plug on an ­anti-Israel lecture slated for Friday in a city-subsidized building because the talk crossed the line into antisemitism. 

Stefan Hauf, a spokesman for the Mayor of Munich, told The Jerusalem Post on Thursday by email that the cultural commissioner intervened to stop the lecture titled “Antisemitism Today” organized by the association Salam Shalom Working Circle Palestine-Israel.

It is probable that ”during the event the line between criticism of Israel and antisemitism will be crossed,wrote Munich’s cultural commissioner, Hans-Georg Küppers, to the  Eine-Welt-Haus—the location of the lecture—according to the Merkur news outlet.

Salam Shalom — a hardcore anti-Israel group — promotes the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) campaign on its website targeting the Jewish state.

”Salam Shalom has no right to be in city rooms. Salam Shalom would be better located in the NPD headquarters,“ said the Green Party city councilman Dominik Krause to the Merkur.  The NPD is the main neo-Nazi party in Germany.

A kind of whack a mole approach to shut down the anti-Israel event unfolded in Munich on Thursday and Friday. After the Eine-Welt-Haus cancellation, Salam Sh­­alom relocated the lecture to the GOROD cultural center. GOROD — an organization created for the integration of Russian migrants — then walked back its invitation.

Salam Shalom then announced that the catholic institution KKV Hansa as the lecture space.

Christoph Kappes, a spokesman for Reinhard Marx, the Archbishop of Munich and Freising, wrote The Post by email on Friday stating that the “event will not, according to information of the KKV Hansa München, take place at KKV.”

He added that Cardinal Marx, who is also the chairman of the German Bishops' Conference, “rejects every forms of antisemitism, racism and defamation and does not give these positions any platform.”

In a letter obtained by The Post from Richard Quaas, a Munich city councilman from the Christian Social Union party, to the mayor, he wrote that if the talk took place "it would be grist for the mill of antisimites in our country — from the left and the right— and with support from the city."
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Friday, September 23, 2016

EU offers free trips to the West Bank for journalists

If this offer shocks Elder of Ziyon, it doesn't seem to shock anyone in Europe, not even friends of Israel at the EU or Jewish leaders.

From Elder of Ziyon:
From the EU and Palestinians Facebook page:
If you are interested in participating, please send a short CV/bio with a special focus on any work you have done in the Middle East, no later than 30 September 2016.
If a European based journalist has written critically about the Palestinian Authority - its corruption, its misuse of international aid, its support for terror by paying salaries to murderers and making them into heroes - do you think he would get this free trip? Or will it only go to "journalists" who will write only positive things about the Palestinian Authority? Do you even need to ask?

There are two ethics violations here. One is that the EU is manipulating the media for its own ends. OK, everyone tries to do that, but by creating a litmus test as to which journalists can take advantage of an all-expenses paid trip to the territories, this is a bit egregious.
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Turks Tweet Their Jew-hatred, Following an Attempted Stabbing at the Israeli Embassy

Via Algemeiner:
On September 21, an attempted stabbing took place at the Israeli Embassy in Ankara, Turkey, when a Muslim man armed with a knife tried to attack before being shot in the leg by a local police officer. According to the Israeli Foreign Ministry, none of the Israelis at the embassy were involved or hurt in the incident.

Turkish police at the scene told Reuters the assailant shouted “Allahu Akbar” outside before he was shot.

The Turkish news site, Avlaremoz, which covers Jewish-related affairs, reported that many Turks rushed to Twitter to proudly and openly show off their Jew-hatred.

Here are some examples of what users wrote:

“We want to hear gunshots not outside, but inside of the Israeli Embassy.”

“Has anyone been croaked? This is what we want to learn.”

“[It will] Get even worse, the Israeli embassy.”

“A prostitute was asked: ‘Do you have children?’ The prostitute responded: ‘All of the population of Israel is my children.’”

“Suicide bombers always target innocent people. Just enter that Israeli embassy and explode it! What the hell is a knife?”

“They call the man who says ‘I did this to stop the bloodshed in the Middle East’ an ‘attacker’. He is the hero of the day. I think he is rational.”

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